the dew drop blues

Misha Feigin

The Dew Drop Blues – Music and Poetry

DPR Records

Recorded in May of 2008 by Nick Stevens and Mark Noderer at Downtown Recording, Louisville, Kentucky ©2010 BMI 2010

Tracklist: 1. Schubert and Schoenberg 0:12 2. The Dew Drop Blues, a poem 0:47 3. The Dew Drop Blues, music 8:47 4. The Code, a poem 1:30 5. The Code, music 5:30 6. M-94, a poem 0:56 7. M-94, music 5:37 8. Booms, Dooms, Kabooms, a poem 0:57 9. Booms, Dooms, Kabooms, music 4:17 10. Ascend, a poem 0:35 11. Ascend, music 5:57 12. Trapped, a poem 7:43 13. Trapped, music 6:50 14. Plant Eater, a poem 0:40 15. Plant Eater, music 9:05

Tracks: 3,5,13,15 – classical guitar 7 – steel string guitar 11 -dobro 9 – balalaika Music, poetry and photos by Misha Feigin DPR Records, 221 N. Clifton Ave. #31 Louisville, Kentucky 40206

With “Dew Drop Blues” Misha Feigin has created a beautiful set of anomalies, poetics that turn on an angle that only a bent mathematician such as he could invent and filled with a sardonic wit that is simultaneously dark and euphoric. And when words fail or need to transcend, Misha’s virtuosic guitar continues to propose impossibilities and hallucinations that tie everything together. — Elliot Sharp

Always enjoy Misha’s poetry and music-he is definitely a free spirit with a strong sense of inner direction. — David Liebman


When you have
nothing left
but a song
the sound rises
sailing on lunar winds
through the lightlessness
expanding your heart
to the mouth of darkness
where the open space

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assemblies & workshops

Who is Misha Feigin ?

One of the best guitarists of Russia, singer-songwriter and storyteller Misha Feigin was born and raised in Moscow. He has toured extensively in most of the United States, Canada, and Europe. Misha left behind an established career hallmarked by four albums released on Russian “Melodia” label, appearances on popular radio and television shows, national and international tours, and publications in various magazines. The Russian independent radio station “Echo of Moscow” ended three days of emergency broadcasting after the failed coup in August 1991 with Misha’s song “Gulp of Freedom”.

In the United States, Misha has performed concerts for over 300,000 students in 47 States and produced seven albums. He was featured on the NPR (National Public Radio) program “Mountain Stage”, and shared the stage with Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary. Misha recently toured again in Russia. Misha examines the cultural differences among Russia, modern Germany, and the United States, including customs, schools, sports, and wildlife. The students will learn how unique and amusing American customs are, and will have fun asking questions, participating in discussions, and exploring Russian and German ways of life. Misha sings in English and Russian, and plays guitar, balalaika, piano, and harmonicas. His knowledge of English allows him to communicate with his audiences clearly and directly. Misha is an artist with Kentucky Educational Showcases, Very Special Arts (VSA Kentucky), Columbus Arts Council, and Young Audiences. Misha offers programs and workshops that can be tailored to elementary, middle, or high school audiences.

– School assembly performances (45 to 60 minutes) –

Custom-planned full-day residencies that include one performance and four “hands-on” workshops in a classroom, where Misha shares more detailed information about Russia and Germany and answers questions. The students will pick up a few Russian and German words and will be introduced to the Cyrillic alphabet. They will be able to explore some Russian and German artifacts such as money, art books, photographs, and folk-art items.

One-week or two-week residencies with multimedia creativity enhancement workshops. Misha uses games and creative exercises connecting music, creative writing, and visual arts of different styles, cultures, and eras to create stories, poems, songs and artwork. Students will experience the joy of collective musical improvisation, no matter what musical skill they have or what musical instruments they choose. Workshops are fun every minute! Programs and workshops are tailored to every particular age group: K-3, 4-6, 6-8, 9-12.

– Special programs and workshops for children with special needs. –

Study guides and curriculum connection webs are included. Curriculum areas reinforced: Art, Music, Social Studies, especially Geography and History, Language Arts, Social Skills. Fees are based on time and travel. Special discounts for block-booking.

misha feigin

Misha Feigin was born and raised in Moscow and known as one of Russia’s premier guitarists. He released two albums on the state label Melodiya. Since moving to the U.S. in 1990, Misha has been featured on National Public Radio and BBC. He has toured throughout North America and Europe releasing twelve CDs in America and Germany, and two in Great Britain on Leo Records. Misha shared the stage/recorded with Elliot Sharp, Steve Beresford , Dave Liebman, and Eugene Chadbourne, He performed on many prestigious stages such as Moscow’s Concert Hall Russia, Washington’s Kennedy Center, and Vancouver Jazz Festival.

Misha Feigin won the Thomas Merton Prize for Poetry in 2000 and was awarded the Al Smith Fellowship for Creative Nonfiction in 2002. His books include a novel Searching for Irina and a book of poetry, The Last Word in Astronomy, both by Fleur Publishing. Misha’s, collections of poetry, Abraham’s Bagel, Skippers in Training, and Cloud Letters, all by AvidReaders publishing Group. Misha’s latest book is a free style travelogue Tribal Diaries, a book of lyrical observations. Misha currently lives in Louisville, Kentucky.