the dew drop blues

Misha Feigin

The Dew Drop Blues – Music and Poetry

DPR Records

Recorded in May of 2008 by Nick Stevens and Mark Noderer at Downtown Recording, Louisville, Kentucky ©2010 BMI 2010

Tracklist: 1. Schubert and Schoenberg 0:12 2. The Dew Drop Blues, a poem 0:47 3. The Dew Drop Blues, music 8:47 4. The Code, a poem 1:30 5. The Code, music 5:30 6. M-94, a poem 0:56 7. M-94, music 5:37 8. Booms, Dooms, Kabooms, a poem 0:57 9. Booms, Dooms, Kabooms, music 4:17 10. Ascend, a poem 0:35 11. Ascend, music 5:57 12. Trapped, a poem 7:43 13. Trapped, music 6:50 14. Plant Eater, a poem 0:40 15. Plant Eater, music 9:05

Tracks: 3,5,13,15 – classical guitar 7 – steel string guitar 11 -dobro 9 – balalaika Music, poetry and photos by Misha Feigin DPR Records, 221 N. Clifton Ave. #31 Louisville, Kentucky 40206

With “Dew Drop Blues” Misha Feigin has created a beautiful set of anomalies, poetics that turn on an angle that only a bent mathematician such as he could invent and filled with a sardonic wit that is simultaneously dark and euphoric. And when words fail or need to transcend, Misha’s virtuosic guitar continues to propose impossibilities and hallucinations that tie everything together. — Elliot Sharp

Always enjoy Misha’s poetry and music-he is definitely a free spirit with a strong sense of inner direction. — David Liebman


When you have
nothing left
but a song
the sound rises
sailing on lunar winds
through the lightlessness
expanding your heart
to the mouth of darkness
where the open space

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