sahara gypsies

Sahara Gypsies: Hussam Al Aydi – oud, voice, keyboards, percussion, programming | Misha Feigin – classical and acoustic guitar, voice | Mark Hamilton – electric guitar | Danny Kiely – contrabass.

Recorded by Danny Kiely in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Produced by Misha Feigin.

Tracklist: 1. Dark Eyes (Traditional) [6:12] 2. Wahran (Traditional) [8:14]


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the crossing

Misha Feigin – classical guitar | Susan Alcorn – pedal steel guitar

Recorded in April 2015 at Modern Cult Records by Steve Good. Photos by Misha Feigin1,3 music by Misha Feigin. 2,4,5 music by Misha Feigin & Susan Alcorn. 5 – originally recorded in December of 2006, electronically processed by Steve Good in 2015.

Tracklist: 1. Relativity [3:05] 2. The Crossing [10:37] 3. Adjustment [2:07] 4. And Still part 1 and part 2 [9:40] 5. String Space [15:45] Total Time: 41:25

“What I’ve done with the piece is to use the sequence of numbers corresponding to the elevation of the terrain in a straight line going from the east coast to the west coast of the United States at the latitude of Louisville, Kentucky as an impulse response which I convolved audio editing with the piece. Convolution is the process of multiplying the values of one linear sequence of numbers by every other member of a 2nd linear sequence of numbers. Convolution Reverb is used widely to apply a “space” to a recorded sound.” — Steve Good

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