Midwinter Music

Midwinter Music

Misha Feigin / piano

(c) 2018 DPR Records 018 (c) 2018 BMI / 221 N. Clifton Avenue. #31 Louisville, KY 40206. Photography and graphic design by Steven Skaggs. All tracks improvised by Misha Feigin, piano. Recorded and mixed by Steve Good at Clifton Universalist Unitarian Church in Louisville, KY.

Tracklist: 1. The icy, pale sun (7:36) 2. Just for a minute (2:55) 3. Frozen trees glitter (4:45) 4. A fear of the blank (7:31) 5. He is back again (5:46) 6. A place un the puzzle (4:07) 7. There is no room left (5:34) 8. Not an easy task (9:06) 9. On a window sill (5:49) 10. Searching for silence (1:18)

Misha Feigin’s 2018 release, his piano CD is superbly beautiful. I enjoyed every stroke, the fluidity, and beautiful technique danced through the extremities of improvisational foray. From contemporary composerly musings, to modal melodies reminiscent of Gurdjieff, the contemplative character and free swaths of color played as a rainbow of passion on my heart.– LaDonna Smith / the improvisor 2018, rare artifact review

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