Some scientists suggest that African “Adam and Eve”-or at least a small group of genetically similar group of hunter-gatherers -lie at the base or a manybranched human family tree? The trial of mutation coalesces in a single Y-chromosome whose owner lived between 40.000 to 140.000 years ago in Africa? Because every man on the planet now carries that mutation named M94, scientists like to call this man “Genetic Adam.” There were other human beings living at the same time. Their lineages simply did not make it to the present. — AP News

Genetic Adam (his name sounds
“Uh-Uh in local language) finds himself
illuminated watching the lightning
splitting the bulging baobab tree
in two, greedy flames
tongue the tree guts,
Uh-Uh’s neurons fire,
his brain spins – he grabs
a cindering branch
and dashes back to his cave.
“Let it be light!” Uh-Uh growls
raising his torch victoriously.

Full of awe, his tribe folk
retreated to the dark corners,
but stepping carefully over the border
marked by undulating shadows,
Eve (they called her Yoee-Yoee),
walks into the circle of light,
curiosity and desire spark in her eyes
mixing with flames’ reflections,
the wise one, Yoee-Yoee knows –
mutation A94 requires
a good fuck.